hanover has more than 30 majors, but what if you don't find the one that's just for you?

沙巴体育备用网站this is where hanover's unique self-designed major program comes in. while the title is self explanatory, the program allows a student to create and design a major according to their specific interests and passions. you are in complete control of this process and are responsible for choosing the professors, the core area of study and putting together the final proposal for properly declaring your self-designed major.

A sample of self-designed majors

  • Biological Chemistry
  • Biochemistry & Exercise Physiology
  • Biology-Psychology
  • Comparative Religion
  • Computing and the Arts
  • Consumer Communication
  • Ecumenics
  • Ethics
  • Film Studies
  • Modern Languages & International Studies
  • Media Studies
  • Neuroscience
  • Political Philosophy & Ethics
  • Women's Studies


Contact your admission counselor directly for more details.